Integrated Waste Management Facility, Rivenhall Airfield
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Integrated Waste Management Facility, Rivenhall Airfield

Gent Fairhead, owners of the Rivenhall Airfield site, are moving forward with the development of the waste recycling and recovery plant that gained planning permission in 2010.  The project – Woodhouse Recycling and Renewables (or “WRRen”) – will also refurbish the existing Woodhouse Farm into a Visitor and Education Centre, Airfield Museum and offices, with conference facilities that will be made available to local Parish Councils.

A Site Liaison Committee is currently being set up to give local Councils and representatives of Interested Agencies an opportunity to discuss matters arising from the development and future operation of the proposed recycling and recovery plant.

The planning permission contained a number of pre-development conditions that require information to be submitted to Essex County Council through a process known as “submission of details”. The Site Liaison Committee will monitor progress through the process, following which construction of the facility is expected to commence next year.

The site at Rivenhall will provide a fully integrated waste treatment and recycling facility. It will be developed to receive and recover a range of wastes and recyclable materials and generate ‘green’ power by exporting electricity to the local grid.  Throughout its planned construction and future operation, the facility will also provide a number of direct and indirect employment opportunities locally within Essex. About 150 people are expected to be fully employed either directly or indirectly in the operations on site including many in local transportation, engineering and support firms.

WRRen takes resource management to the next stage of sustainable development – the facility will reduce the export of waste materials through the development of state of the art treatment and recovery processes including a waste paper recycling facility that utilises combined heat and power from waste treatment.

Steven Smith, a spokesman on behalf of Gent Fairhead’s project team said: “After considerable work and investment over the past four years, the WRRen Project is finally coming forward and will provide a fully integrated ‘state of the art’ recycling and recovery facility.  Work that has been completed over the past few years has developed a design that promotes best technology and environmental sustainability.  Over the coming weeks, various submissions will be made to Essex County Council to provide the details required before commencement of development.”

WRRen will provide a much-needed facility to further recover municipal and commercial waste treatment residues from other treatment facilities that would otherwise be landfilled or exported overseas.