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IWMF Rivenhall Press Statement January 2 2020

Press Release 2 January 2020

Environment Agency Issue IWMF Draft Modified Environmental Permit

On the 2 January 2020 the Environment Agency announced that it has issued a new Draft Environmental Permit for the proposed operation of the Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) at Rivenhall Airfield.

The consolidated Permit incorporates variations that will permit operations entirely consistent with the implemented IWMF planning permission and, in particular, with a stack height of 35 metres above surrounding ground level equivalent to an elevation of 85 metres Above Ordnance Datum (mAOD).  There is a reduction in permitted emissions which means that the impact of the facility on local air quality overall is improved by comparison with the existing Permit.

The proposed facility will contribute to the circular economy through maximum recovery of energy and valuable materials from waste.  By incorporating a 49 MW Energy from Waste facility, the proposed Rivenhall IWMF will not only work alongside recycling efforts made by the local community and therefore benefit the facility’s surrounding area, but it will also supply enough electricity to power over 60,000 homes, equivalent to a town the size of Braintree.

Full details of the current environmental permit application and the draft permit can be found on the following website www.wrren.co.uk.


Media Contact: Steven Smith 07854 054304

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