All Public Inquiry Documents were available on a website for a period of 6 months before, during and after the Public Inquiry in 2009. If further copies of specific documents referenced in the Inspector’s Report are required, Gent Fairhead & Co Limited may be able to provide them. Specific reference should be made to the document or file reference number when requesting a copy of the document required. Please note that no documents are available in paper format.

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IWMF Planning & Permitting History Road Map (June 2020)
IWMF Planning Applications for change in Stack Height - 27 July 2017
IWMF Implemented Permission ESS-34-15-BTE - 26 Feb 2016
IWMF Regulation 22 - Electronic File List - 3 Mar 2016
IWMF Regulation 22 - Addendum ES and Appendices PINS & ECC - 3 Jan 2016
s73 Application IWMF Condition 2 - 5 Oct 2015
Submission of Details - Section 73 Application - 4 Aug 2015
Addendum to Environmental Statement -1 Sept 2009
Regulation 19 Additional Information - 24 Oct 2008