Press Statement 2017-09-13 [A.2]

Press Statement 2017-09-13 [A.2]

Press Statement 13 September 2017

Integrated Waste Management Facility, Rivenhall Airfield

Gent Fairhead & Co Limited is pleased to have received the Environmental Permit and is committed to operating the facility to either meet, or better, the permitted emission levels.

In approving the Permit, the Environment Agency addressed the concerns that local Councillors and members of the public had expressed about the height of the stack and other environmental issues.

A planning application to increase the height of the IWMF stack is currently being considered by Essex County Council. The details of this planning application are entirely consistent with the environmental permit. All other aspects of the proposed development, including the principle of locating the IWMF on this site, are fully approved under the existing (and implemented) planning permission.

In its determination of the Environmental Permit, the Environment Agency concluded that the proposed facility is unlikely to contribute to any breach of the relevant air quality standards for human health and the environment. In its decision document it confirmed that “the actual environmental impact of nitrogen dioxide will in fact be one of the lowest in the country”.

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Press Statement 2017-09-13 [A.2]